Heritage Restoration

Many of you know the work done by Chance Smith on Heritage, his SS23, from his postings on our Forum. Chance’s work is meticulous, and his documentation is beautiful. He believes we are all stewards of our boats. It shows in his work.

Chance posted many posts on our Forum for several years.  You can reference them by going to the SS23 Forum, and typing “Heritage” into the Search box at the top right-hand location. You can get to this site as well by clicking here: Search SS23 Forum link Unfortunately, due to Photobucket’s recent decision to eliminate 3rd party hosting, the pictures associated with those posts are not available. We are working to resolve this problem.

However, Chance did write several posts for a forum on the Pearson-Ariel website describing his work on through-hulls, cockpit drains, brass portholes, and the cabin sole. Click on the following link to get to his postings on their site:

Heritage Posting On Pearson-Aerial Site

One thought on “Heritage Restoration

  1. Louie Free

    I’m updating the Sea Sprite #28 that I purchased last year: Emma L. After seeing the work that you performed on “Heritage”, I realized that the Port Lights on Emma L are probably Wilcox-Crittenden too. My portlights require rebedding and replacement rubber sealing stock. Can you identify the correct rubber sealing stock for me? Where did you buy it?

    Finally, I only wish that my Sea Sprite could have the benefit of your outstanding craftsmanship.

    Sincere Thanks Lou Free


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