2017 Dues

If notification of dues arrives in my mailbox, it must be Spring. Well, Spring  it is not quite yet, but the dues notice is here anyways! As reliable as a robin. So, very quickly:

Dues are $25 for 2017, unchanged for years. BOD met last week and decided to continue dues at current levels. We now have about $4,300 in the account, enough to cover 7 years of   operating expenses if dues dried up completely. We will give $350 this summer to the Herresmhoff Sailing School to help maintain their fleet of aging (aren’t they all?) SS23’s. Other ideas for donations/expenditures welcomed.

Benefits for members continue. Members receive a 10% discount at Jamestown Distributors, Thurston Sails, and Will Sofrin Fine Art Prints (new this year) along with ability to advertise your boat for sale on the  website when that awful day comes.

Your dues support the SSA and our website with its communications and documentation efforts.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the organization with one or more dues payment in the past. Check the website at SSA website/membership to find out how to join/rejoin.

Many thanks.     Carter

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