2017 Narragansett Bay Racing

Finally our racing season begins!

Here are plans for racing this summer on Narragansett Bay. For those who sail on the Bay who did not receive the email about summer racing, here are the season’s racing plans. For everyone else who might be interested in organizing a local one design fleet, here is the Bristol fleet’s model that has worked well.

Jon Goff, the SSA Race Committee chairperson, sent this email to Narragansett Bay SS23 owners:


Sea Sprite Sailors,

With summer is almost here; the race is on!!!  (To the starting line that is!!)  
The Millard Series Wednesday evening racing at Bristol Yacht Club starts May 31st.  Additionally please SAVE these 2017 Dates!!!  More info to follow…
July 16th – The Sea Sprite Annual Regatta
September 9th – Around the Hog
NOR and S/I’s for these events as well as Sea Sprite Regatta entry forms are posted on the righthand menu of the home page.
For 2017 we are going to try a new formula for the Nancy Belle Trophy… The calculation is as follows:
• All races sailed on Narragansett and/or Mt. Hope Bay with three or more Sea Sprite 23’s competing to One Design standards with a recognized organizing authority are qualifying races.  
• Intent to compete in races outside SeaSprite Association recognized races (Millard Series, Annual Regatta, Around the Hog) must be submitted to SeaSprite RC Chairman (jongoff@mac.com) 10 days prior to event for announcement to all SeaSprite Racers.
• Scoring for races outside SeaSprite Association recognized races shall be submitted to RC Chairman for inclusion, boats must sail meeting SS23 One Design specifications.  For mixed fleet events points will tally for Sea Sprites as a One-Design finish excluding the scores of other finishers. 
• Pre-designated events (SeaSprite Annual Regatta and Around the Hog for 2017) will score double points (As though you sailed the same race twice) for all races. (This is to strongly encourage participation in these events).
• Finishers will be scored as a percentage of number of boats finished in front of throughout the season.
• To qualify a boats maximum points must be no less than the average of points earned for the cumulative fleet.  Individual races within a series will count individually for scoring.  


I look forward to seeing everyone on the water!!
Best,  Jon  

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