Rebuilding The SS28 M-11 Engine

The original engine on the SS28 was the M-11. Bob Russell sent the SSA on article written by an owner describing his rebuild of an original M-11 in December of 2002. I am not sure how many of these engines are still installed, but if you have one, you might like the article. It is a great story as well about diving in on boat projects. The article is located under Technical under SS28/30/34. Here is the link:   M-11 Rebuild

From Bob:

My name is Bob Russell and a friend of mine, Chad Martin and myself founded the Association many a year ago. Looks like Assoc still going strong. Keep up the good work.
I am attaching a 18 page Manuel about the removal and rebuilding the M-11 from the 28′ Sea Sprite. I think I gave it to the association a long time ago but before it gets lost on the computer, I thought I would send it again if you wanted to include it on the web site.
Any questions, please feel free to call 529-8264
Fair winds
Bob Russell
We are always looking for articles/stories/pictures/projects to include under Technical. Send them on!!

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