Enright Wins 2017 Sea Sprite Regatta

Jonathan Enright racing Goodwill won the 2017 Sea Sprite this past summer in closely contested racing at Bristol YC in RI on July 16th. He and Bob Catani tied after 2 races, each garnering a first and a second. Jon was declared the winner per the tie-breaking rules of the Racing Rules Of Sailing. We had a record 14 boats racing outside of Bristol Harbor.

I know it is a bit late to post such old news, but there was a protest that took the rest of the summer to resolve. Plus it is a fun story. Plus I knew everyone would like the pictures.

The Bristol YC did an outstanding job of setting a W-L course. The day began with a postponement due to light winds. “Mill about smartly” became the momentary order of the day:

IMG_1359 (1)

But within 1/2 hour the afternoon sea breeze kicked in, and we started the first race.

regatta start

The rounding at the first mark got jammed up:


And the sailing continued close for both races.

Here are the final standings:
BOAT                               SKIPPER                  RACE1               RACE2                TOTAL
Goodwill                        Jon Enright                 2                        1                         3

Bramasole                     Bob Catani                1                        2                         3

Grayling                          William Beebe          4                        5                         9

Hope                                Lou Marino              6                        4                         10

Apsaras                           Bob Rude                 5                        6                          11

Lulabelle                         Carter Hall               3                        8                           11

Belligerence                    John Pagnoni          9                        3                           12

New Hope                       Dom Messerli         8                        7                           15

Zara                                 Chuck Roscoe          7                        9                           16

Elf                                     Cameron Brule       11                       10                         21

Phox                                Evan Ide                    13                       11                        24

Kittiwake                         Jonathan Medeiros 14                       12                        26

Artemis                           Ruth Souto                10                      DNS                     26

Pod                                  Annie Kelly                12                      DNF                     28


We had 3 SS23’s from the Sailing School at the Herreshoff Marine Museum crewed by their instructor staff  racing this year.  They had a great time, and were competitive despite racing in boats that were not really rigged for racing.

Food and drinks on the porch at Bristol YC after the racing was enjoyed by all.

It was a great day!!



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