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As many of you know, Photobucket threw us (and many others) a major curve ball when it recently disallowed 3rd party hosting (like allowing a posting in our Forum to access a photo on file with them). This meant that Photobucket photos could not be send to our forum. We have saved many of the pictures, but have lost others from articles in previous years. So far Photobucket has not addressed the small players (us) as they change their income model. Most other photo hosting sites still allow 3rd party hosting, but that may change.

One of the Sea Sprite Association’s most important mission is to document and archive projects and technical information about the sea sprites to be used in the future for reference. The Forum has a great Search function, ands 14 years of commentaries about the boats. We have also begun to build a library of project articles under”Technical”, and under “Rehabs” we have some great description of extensive rehabs. These articles now on our website for the most part include pictures that have been transferred to our website and are not hosted elsewhere. We will not lose them if links are broken to a hosting site, either by the site itself (Photobucket or other hosting sites) or by the member deleting a picture from his hosted files or simply closing his account with his photo hosting site.

So here is our plan. For short Forum postings requiring pictures , we will ask that the writer use Imgur to host those pictures. After the writer posts his Forum post, Carter will transfer the text and pictures to our website as an article in “Technical”. Larger documentations, such as a complete rehab, will be sent directly to Carter for coordination into a rehab article for the website. Thus the photos will be on OUR site and not hosted elsewhere, and will not lose them to whimsical hosting decisions or broken links.

Instructions for posting articles and embedding pictures are listed at the start of “Forum”.

Solutions in the industry are on the horizon, and we will be watching for them. Your thoughts on the matter would be most welcomed. Feel free to post them on the Forum or send them to me directly at Sea Sprite Association.

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