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The Sea Sprite Association is dedicated to the Sea Sprite, a family of classic sailing yachts that began with the Sea Sprite 23 designed by Carl Alberg in 1957, later followed by the 28′, 30′ and 34′ Sea Sprites designed by Alfred E. (Bill) Luders Jr. Through the Association and our associated website, owners, admirers, and enthusiasts of Sea Sprites share information about these wonderful sailboats, contact one another, and tell each other and the world their stories and their histories.

chadbobsmThe original Sea Sprite Association was founded in 1968, designated as Fleet 1. It was a very active racing fleet on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. It was not uncommon to see 10-15 Sea Sprite 23s on the starting line at weekend regattas held by yacht clubs around the Bay. The racing fleet lost momentum, but it was dusted off in 1994 when people realized what they had been missing. The next decade saw regattas several times a year, and get togethers about the Bay that often included overnights, racing, and some memorable parties. By 2004, the Association expanded its scope, and the website was redone to reflect the interest of owners across the country and indeed the world. We have members from Maine to Florida, from the East to the West coast, in Puerto Rico,in  Hawaii, and in Europe, all in love with this classic sailboat.

The Sea Sprite Association exists to encourage communication among members and boating enthusiasts of all persuasions about the Sea Sprite. You will see on the website information about the history of the class, the structure and specifications of the boat, the structure of the organization, and membership information. But there is also an emphasis on sharing stories. Individuals can research their boat’s history and place in a post. There are categories of projects, from whole boat renovations to smaller projects, with pictures and text to describe the work. There are posts telling members’ racing and cruising tales. There are galleries of boat pictures.

In short, we exist to pull together our widely dispersed, passionate lovers of the Sea Sprite.

Come aboard!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Larry Wilkinson

    I joined the Association in 2004 when I bought my boat, “Tsenacommacah”. Yet, when I go on the new membership site, I see no reference to my membership. I like the new web site, but was surprised to see that the boat was not listed.


    Larry Wilkinson

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Larry:

      Thank you for pointing out that you are not listed as a member based upon your originally joining in 2004. I did not make it clear on the membership page that dues are needed yearly, although under Bylaws yearly dues are specified. They cover the cost of running the organization including internet access, program updates, and others. If we have enough owners joining and maintaining their membership yearly, we can either reduce dues, stop dues for a couple of years, or do something else. Sorry for the confusion.


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