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2017 S/I ‘Round The Hog



1.0 Rules

This fun race will be governed by The Racing Rules Of Sailing, class rules, good and prudent seamanship, Sailing Rules Of The Road, and common sense. There is no protest committee, and no race committee.

2.0 Schedule Of Races

Warning sound will be at 1:00 pm for the start of one race at 1:05 pm on Saturday, September 9, 2017.

3.0 The Course

The course will be around Hog Island either clockwise or counterclockwise to be determined and announced on Channel 71 by 12:45 pm. In the event of extremely light air, the course may be shortened to a rounding of a single aid to navigation (either Bristol Point RN “2” or Popasquash Point RB “1”) in consultation with all racers on channel 71.

4.0 The Start and The Finish

The start for a clockwise course around Hog Island will be on a line bearing 084 degrees from Middle Ground red and green can channel marker to Bristol. The finish for a clockwise course around Hog Island will be on a line bearing 320 degrees from Middle Ground channel marker to Popasquash Point. For a counterclockwise course around Hog Island, the start and finish lines just described will be reversed. Racers are responsible for their own proper starts and finishes, although if available a committee boat with a starter may act as a starting bouy.

The starting sounds will be a horn fired from Lulabelle or from a committee boat. The starting sequence will consist of a pre-warning series of 5 short blasts followed in approximately 1 to 2 minutes by one long blast at 5 minutes to start, at 4 minutes to start, at 1 minute to start, and at the start.

5.0 Communications

All racers will stay tuned to and communicate on Channel 71. No check in required.

6.0 Areas That Are Obstructions

The areas between the following aids to navigation and the adjacent land are obstructions at all times and must not be crossed. If either RN”2″ off Bristol Point or RB “1” off Popasquash Point are used as a rounding mark for a shortened course, the rounding should be close and the area of obstruction exited as soon as possible.

Castle Island Beacon north of Hog Island
Hog Island shoal light southeast of Hog Island
C”3″ east of Hog Island
RN”2″ south of Bristol Point
RN”2″ south of Hog Island
RB “1” off Popasquash Point
C”3″ Usher’s Cove

7.0 Corrections

Any corrections to these SI’s will be emailed to racers by 1700 on the Friday before the event, and announced on channel 71 at 1245 on the day of the race. Questions and comments may be addressed to Carter Hall at