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Searching The Forum

The Forum has over 10 years of postings with questions and answers about a multitude of topic regarding the Sea Sprite, This wealth of information can easily be tapped using the Search option from the Forum’s home page. Hit the box labelled Search, and then type in your key word. You will then have a page of threads on the Forum that have that key word. Alternatively, hit this button to get to the Forum’s Search function box: Search Function link

For example, if you wish to find out readers thoughts on what size motor to buy, type in “motor” in the search box. You can search on any word…winch handle, a boat name (try “Heritage” to get to Chance Smith’s posting on his extensive rehab project), sails, hatch cover, etc. We have broken out a few topics from such searches and have placed them under Technical. And you too can become a published author (!!!) by writing up the results of your Search on a topic and sending it into the SSA for placement in Technical.