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Our Forum doesn’t work like some other internet forums and/or social media sites that you might be famaliar with, in that you can’t just paste in a picture or upload it to the site.

This forum site requires that the picture be hosted elsewhere. The popular image hosting site that works well with this forum is Photobucket (

You’ll need to setup an account on Photobucket, and upload pictures to an album there. Then when you want to add a picture to a post here, you add the “image code” by copying it from Photobucket and then pasting it into your post.

Here are the specifics:

*Login to your Photobucket account and then go to “View” your “library” of images.

*Hover the mouse over the image you want to add to your SS post, when you do that you will see a sort of “cog” shaped icon appear in the upper right of your image.

*Hover over the “cog” and you will see a menu pop up.

*On the above menu go to the “Get media links” menu item and click on it.

*A new window will pop up, entitled “Share the photo”

*In the above pop up there are three tabs, one of which is titled “links” and which it should default to.

*In the “links” tab you will see your “IMG code”

*Hover your mouse over the IMG code and just click it once. That will copy the IMG code.

*Return here, to your post, and then just paste the IMG code into the body of the text of your post wherever you want to place the image( “Control” and “V” or right click mouse and “Paste”)

*Before posting, you can click on the “Preview” button here to see how it looks.


Photobucket has changed their web interface and how they provide the Image Code when you click to get the image details.

For those technically inclined, the problem is that when you click to copy the Image Code they have coded in a URL path ahead of it.  Network 54 can resolve displaying the image without the URL path. So you have to edit the code that you get.

You will get something that looks like this now from Photobucket (I pulled this example from an image on my account):


You need to delete everything BEFORE the first instance of “[IMG]” and also delete the trailing “[URL]” but keep the trailing “[IMG]” ie delete everything highlighted in yellow.

You will end up with something that looks like this:


You can test this by pasting in the edited Image Code as described above, and then hitting the “preview” button at the bottom of the post page. You should see the image rendered in the post in the preview pane if you got the image code correct.

4 thoughts on “Forums

  1. Seth Abbott

    Does anyone out there know the location of the fore/aft CG of a Seasprite 23 Weekender? I need this for setting up a trailer.

  2. Lee Gardiner

    I was surprised to see a picture of BAJA, my SS 30 #4 as seen in Good Old Boat, in the SS 28 gallery but I an hoping that the photo would be moved from the SS 28 gallery to the SS 30 gallery since there are no 30s shown there. Also it should be noted that the photo was actually of BAJA sailing on Fishers Island Sound and not Block Island as stated in Good Old Boat. I had sent several shots of BAJA hoping to get in the magazine and they were confused by all of them. We need some more SS 30s on the site as they are hard to come by! Thank you . I would also like to add her to the fleet log for the SS 30s if it is up and running.

    Lee Gardiner


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