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These instructions are written for Forum postings about specific sea sprite projects using pictures, such as “Building a Hatch Cover”, or “Chainplate Reconstruction”, or “Building A Compression Post.” If you have a set of pictures describing a complete rehab of your boat, please contact Carter to coordinate an article for posting on the website. You will send your text and pictures directly to him (it will be easier to get the pictures onto WordPress, the SSA website host).

Pictures you wish to post into a Forum posting must be hosted on a pictures hosting site.  You cannot attach/insert a picture directly from your computer via uploading or pasting. We ask that you use Imgur as your picture hosting site to store pictures that you will embed in our Forum. It is easy, and free, Here are the specifics on building a post on the Forum that includes pictures hosted at Imgur. It seems complicated. It really is not. After embedding a couple of pictures into a Forum posting, you will find it a piece of cake:

  1. Register with Imgur at Imgur link. It is free.
  2. Upload pictures to Imgur you will use in your post.
  3. Go to our Forum, and begin writing a post. To be able to post and edit your post, you will need to register with the Forum with your name, email, and a password of your own making.
  4. When you are ready to insert a picture, post your Forum post. It will be out on the Forum unfinished. Don’t worry about it. Return to Imgur. Click on the picture you wish to use.
  5. You now must edit your picture for size and, if you wish, cropping. Click on “edit image” in the bottom right-hand corner. Crop if you wish. Now, size your picture. There are 2 numbers in the right-hand upper corner. Leave the box marked “lock proportions” checked. Then change the 2nd number to 400. You will see the first number change automatically. NOW HIT “SAVE”. Your picture returns to the “images” file in Imgur.
  6. Reselect your picture in the images file. Copy “HTML” from the right-hand list.
  7. Return to your Forum post and click on “edit post” at the very bottom and right of the post. Insert your picture by pasting in the copied HTML code into your post. You will see a line of code where the picture will be. You can double check your picture selection by hitting “preview”.
  8. Continue writing your post. When you come to the place next picture will be, repeat these directions.

Please contact Carter at Sea Sprite Association with questions, or post your question/comments on the Forum directly.




4 thoughts on “Forums

  1. Seth Abbott

    Does anyone out there know the location of the fore/aft CG of a Seasprite 23 Weekender? I need this for setting up a trailer.

  2. Lee Gardiner

    I was surprised to see a picture of BAJA, my SS 30 #4 as seen in Good Old Boat, in the SS 28 gallery but I an hoping that the photo would be moved from the SS 28 gallery to the SS 30 gallery since there are no 30s shown there. Also it should be noted that the photo was actually of BAJA sailing on Fishers Island Sound and not Block Island as stated in Good Old Boat. I had sent several shots of BAJA hoping to get in the magazine and they were confused by all of them. We need some more SS 30s on the site as they are hard to come by! Thank you . I would also like to add her to the fleet log for the SS 30s if it is up and running.

    Lee Gardiner


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