The Sea Sprite Association was formally incorporated in Rhode Island as a non-profit organization in 2012. Its mission statement included in the Articles Of Incorporation states that the purpose for which the corporation is organized is “To promote interest and participation in the Sea Sprite class of sailing boats, including but not limited to coordinating racing events.” The mission statement is expanded in the By-Laws to state that “Activities shall include but are not limited to coordinating racing and cruising, social, cultural, and educational events.” The Association is currently not at a 501-3c entity, and therefore does not accept tax-free donations. The initial incorporators were Bob Catani, Herb Browne, and Carter Hall.

The Association pays expenses by relying on membership dues and donations. The list of the current Board Of Directors as well as the current Association By-Laws are attached as sub-menus.

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  1. James Weddell

    Hello I have just purchased a yacht on eBay that has no details about it (marina sold it as owner didn’t pay their bills) and I’m not sure what it is looking at sea sprite they look very similar, her name is galworthy and by looking in the chart table she sailed around the Bristol Channel uk if anyone knows if she is it would be great otherwise she has to be destroyed (missing spreaders and can’t get new ones unless they know what yacht she is) I would up load a pic if I could
    Anyhelp would be great
    Thanks James


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