Sea Sprite Association By-Laws


Approved April 20, 2012


The name of this organization is Sea Sprite Association.  Articles of Incorporation for a domestic non-profit corporation were filed with the state of Rhode Island January 10, 2012, and the filing duly noted as accepted on that date. Per Rhode Island general laws governing non-profit organizations, an annual report shall be filed each calendar year during the month of June and By-Laws reviewed annually.


The Association shall promote interest and participation in the Sea Sprite class of sailing yachts. Activities shall include but are not limited to coordinating racing and cruising, social, cultural, and educational events.


The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of between 3 and 6 Sea Sprite Association members in good standing and a Coordinator. The Board and the Coordinator shall provide leadership to the organization and shall have jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the class.

There shall be an annual meeting at which Board of Directors and the Coordinator will be elected and Association business conducted. The election of the Board and the Coordinator and all votes shall be determined by majority vote of those members in good standing in attendance.


Membership in the Association is available to Sea Sprite sailboat owners and others who have an interest in promoting sea sprites sailing yachts. Dues shall be assessed each year,  amount to be determined by the Board of Directors. Payment is expected one month after the annual meeting. Dues must be paid in full for the current year for the member to remain in good standing.


The Association shall abide by the rules set forth and published by the NAYRU and the NBYA. Regional racing schedules and Notices of Race shall be determined by local members, and shall be published regularly by the Association. It shall be the responsibility of the skipper to provide a crew capable of maintaining control of the yacht under current conditions, and to equip the yacht with safety equipment meeting Coast Guard guidelines. Class yachts specifications will be published by the Association.


Association By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority of members in good standing present at the annual or special meeting.


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