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3 thoughts on “Technical

  1. Walter Hobbs

    You’ll be in the mud at moon low tide. If it’s only mud it won’t hurt the boat but you’ll be stuck. If it’s rocky you may ding up the keel. If it’s an early boat, the external lead can be reshaped. I have a ’67 and have a tradition of running aground annually. Very little or any damage but I like to count on 3.5 ft. of H2O.

  2. Sharon

    I am looking to buy a 23 weekender. I had the spec sheets up on your website but now I can’t get back to them? Frustrating. Anyway, I remember it said that the boat needs 3 feet draft. I just measured the water at my dock at a full moon dead low tide as 34 inches. Can I get away with it?


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