We accept ads for Boats For Sale,  Equipment For Sale, and for Wanted. You must be a member to post an ad to sell. Please send your ad with pictures attached (limit 5)   to, and I will insert your ad for you. Information should include as a minimum hull number, boat type, name of boat, location, condition, extras, updates you have done, and contact information. Try to be short and concise. If you have a separate listing at another website, include the link in your email. Listing will be posted for one year or until you notify me by email of your sale. Your membership in the Association can be transferred for the rest of the year to the new owner. He/she only needs to send me the fact of the sale, their name and email address, and the boat’s new location, and they will be listed as a current member.

18 thoughts on “Classifieds

  1. John Blaisdell

    I saw your add for Acadie above. I am very interested in this boat, is it still for sale?
    If so, who should I contact in order to take a look at the boat and talk with the owner.

    Thanks for your help


  2. Steve Blessington

    Wanted: Sea Sprite 23′ weekender Cockpit and main salon/v-birth cushions (used). Thanks!

    1. Tim Emerson

      Hi Bob
      Tiny dash of Spring in the air , checking in on the status of your Seasprite , has she sold ???
      Please contact me if not , very interested !!
      Tim Emerson

  3. Bruce Bowers

    I have an add on the classified under for sale – ZEBEE . As of yesterday, I have sold my boat to some one in Matapoisit. I have encouraged them to join the Association. Please remove my add from your classifieds. Your add was instrmental in selling my bought. Thank you.

    Bruce Bowers

  4. Bruce Bowers

    I need a change in my add for Zebee. In your add the price is 5,500. I am reducing the price to $ 5,000 as of 9/5/15

    Thanks for your help in changing it.


  5. Enrique Garcia-Faria

    I am looking for SS 23 in good conditions a with a road trailer in east coast prefer MA

      1. Mark Trabucco

        Hi Leo,
        Do you have a trailer for sale?
        I have an SS23 1967, and would consider purchasing a trailer.
        Mark Trabucco, Owego NY

    1. Kelsey

      Joe- We have a 1981 27′ Seasprite for sale for $3,000. Just reduced it from $5,000. Needs some TLC. But want it sold before it starts getting cold in Kansas. No trailer.
      Located at: Lake Perry, Kansas (in the water)
      Email me if your interested.

      Kelsey Peterson


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