Sea Sprite 23 Class

As you may have read on our opening page, the Sea Sprite 23 was designed in 1954 by Carl Alberg. It is a full keel heavy displacement boat that was designed with all the grace and beauty of her wooden predecessors.

There are two basic types of Sea Sprite 23s the Daysailor and the Weekender. The daysailor is very similar to an Ensign. It does not have a self bailing cockpit, the seats are wood, there are doors to the cabin, the mast is stepped on the cabin top, there is a traveler, the rudder post comes through the aft deck and there is only one set of lower shrouds. The weekender, on the other hand, has a self bailing cockpit, the seats are molded in fiberglass, there is a companionway and stairs down into the cabin, the mast is stepped forward of the cabin, there is no traveler, the rudder post comes through the cockpit floor and there are two sets of lower shrouds.

As a non-official study, looking at the boats registered in our database, it appears that there were about 534 Sea Sprite 23s built. There are no hull numbers registered between 10 and 101 or between 339 and 501 and we know from Chad that 786 was the last boat built by C. E. Ryder.


Overall Length 22’6″
Waterline Length 16’3″
Beam 7’0″
Draft 3’0″
Displacement 3350 lbs.
Ballast 1475 lbs.
Mast Height 30′
Boom Length 12′
Sail Area
Mainsail 154 ft2
Working Jib 93 ft2
Total Working Area 247 ft2
Genoa 165 ft2
Spinnaker 234 ft2
Displacement to Length 348
Displacement to Weight 44%
Sail Area to Displacement 17.65
Prismatic Coefficient .49

9 thoughts on “Sea Sprite 23 Class

  1. Tod Cochran

    I share a sea sprite 23 with an almost brand new main, but the jib is old and worn (and it is also the wrong size). Does anyone have a used jib to sell?

    Tod Cochran

  2. Peter Ford

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a Sea Sprite 23, but I have a strict length limitation. Does anyone know the exact length of the Mast? I know the mast height is 30 ft, but I think that includes the freeboard and deck step height.

    Thanks, Peter

  3. Rebecca Fleckenstein

    I’m looking for a used set of sails for my Sea Sprite 23 #706. Does anyone have a set to sell?

    1. Dirk Smith

      I do. I recently acquired a Sea Sprite 23 Daysailer that had been converted to a roller furling headsail and came with a racing main that I do not expect to use.

  4. Craig Carter

    What years did C.E. Ryder build the Sea Sprite 23. Is the general consensus that they built the best ones, or is there a significant difference between manufacturers?


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