Sea Sprites 28, 30, 34


This section contains project stories and other articles of interest to sea sprite 28/30/34 owners. To submit an article, write up the article either as an email or as a separate attachment, number the pictures, and make it clear where in the article they belong. Attach the pictures to the email and send it to:        Carter Hall at

Take a look at the article Dejan wrote for the SS23 about chain plate replacement. It is under “Technical” and then “SS23” then “Chainplate”. Your pictures will be inserted at the point you indicate in the article .

The article will be posted as a feature post on the home page for about 2 to 3 weeks, and then put into the Technical section.

Also, please attach a little blurb about yourself, where you sail, something about the boat, etc, information that can be used as a lead in to the article.

Send your article with pictures to Carter Hall at

Also, questions and comments about the article should be discussed in the Forum, not after the article.

6 thoughts on “Sea Sprites 28, 30, 34

  1. Tim

    There is a Sea Sprite 28 for sale in UK. Can anyone tell me how well these boats sail? The engine is a Universal Atomic 5411, would this be the original engine? Are parts easy to source? What is the height of the mast? I think this yacht’s mast has been replaced.
    Any help and general specifications info etc would be very gratefully received. Thanks

  2. Kevin Dunn

    I have a Seasprite 30 and i was asked by the hauler how long my mast is ( for un-stepping costs) and i am embarrassed to say i did not know. Can someone tell me what it is? It would be much appreciated.
    kevin dunn


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