Parts Needed For SS23’s In Herreshoff Sailing School Fleet

Dockside at the Herreshoff

Dockside at the Herreshoff

I hope you are thinking of cover removal, varnish, and bottom paint these days. There is, truly, a whiff of Spring in the air (maybe it is the odor of the varnish).

This post is a request for spare parts. The Herresmhoff Marine Museum in Bristol runs a great sailing program. They own a fleet of Herresmhoff 12 1/2’s, and are expanding to include added bigger boats as the school grows to include more advanced sailors, older folks, and even rentals for the day. To that end, last year they accepted in donations three SS23’s to add to their growing boat inventory.

As you know, our boats are older craft, and often in need of repair. Kirk Cusic, Director of the Herresmhoff sailing program, has recently inventoried the donated boats and found the following immediate needs:

Bow chock needs to be replaced as well as the wooden support it mounts to.
Roller furler’s drum is broken and needs to be replaced by itself or replaced with a regular head stay.
Jib car track is broken and needs to be replaced.
Usable sails.
Running rigging, lines of any sort.
Small anchors.

The Sea Sprite Association Board of Directors meet 3 weeks ago, and authorized an effort to assist Kirk in maintaining their fleet of SS23. We offered the Herresmhoff Marine Museum the following:


Outreach to SS23 sailors across the country via a website posting for used parts. Kirk’s immediate needs are listed above. In addition, anyone having a box of old
blocks/winches/shackles, old lines, standing rigging, sails, special racing gear, or anything else used over the years and no longer needed are encouraged to drop such items off at the Museum or mail them to Kirk at the Museum.

A Contribution of $350 this year to be used for maintenance of the SS23’s in the Museum’s sailing school fleet after donations are received and inventoried.


Remember, your donations will be made to the Herresmhoff Marine Museum, a non-profit organization, and are tax deductible. To coordinate a donation or to ask questions , please contact Kirk either by email at or by phone at (401) 253-5000.

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