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Posting On The Forum With Pictures

As many of you know, Photobucket threw us (and many others) a major curve ball when it recently disallowed 3rd party hosting (like allowing a posting in our Forum to access a photo on file with them). This meant that Photobucket photos could not be send to our forum. We have saved many of the pictures, but have lost others from articles in previous years. So far Photobucket has not addressed the small players (us) as they change their income model. Most other photo hosting sites still allow 3rd party hosting, but that may change.

One of the Sea Sprite Association’s most important mission is to document and archive projects and technical information about the sea sprites to be used in the future for reference. The Forum has a great Search function, ands 14 years of commentaries about the boats. We have also begun to build a library of project articles under”Technical”, and under “Rehabs” we have some great description of extensive rehabs. These articles now on our website for the most part include pictures that have been transferred to our website and are not hosted elsewhere. We will not lose them if links are broken to a hosting site, either by the site itself (Photobucket or other hosting sites) or by the member deleting a picture from his hosted files or simply closing his account with his photo hosting site.

So here is our plan. For short Forum postings requiring pictures , we will ask that the writer use Imgur to host those pictures. After the writer posts his Forum post, Carter will transfer the text and pictures to our website as an article in “Technical”. Larger documentations, such as a complete rehab, will be sent directly to Carter for coordination into a rehab article for the website. Thus the photos will be on OUR site and not hosted elsewhere, and will not lose them to whimsical hosting decisions or broken links.

Instructions for posting articles and embedding pictures are listed at the start of “Forum”.

Solutions in the industry are on the horizon, and we will be watching for them. Your thoughts on the matter would be most welcomed. Feel free to post them on the Forum or send them to me directly at Sea Sprite Association.

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The Pig Wins The 2017 ‘Round The Hog Race

The 5th annual ‘Round The Hog was held this year on Saturday September 10th. Hog Island sits just outside Bristol Harbor in Bristol, RI. The race takes usually about 1 and 1/2 hours in light to moderate winds. It is a fun race at the end of the racing season, not taken (too) seriously by participants, and is followed up every year by the barbecue at Lou and Karen Marino’s house in Bristol.

Mr. Hog threw at us a seriously difficult and peculiar race. We started downwind going counter-clockwise around the island in light air tightly bunched. A close rounding kept the fleet close. But then…the wind died, and we sailed into the Mt. Hope Channel facing an outgoing tide of about 3 knots. It was not pretty. The lead changed at least 20 times depending on who was riding what puff. A wise strategy would have been to throw out the anchor, but that came up as a thought only after the race.

Several boats crossed the channel to find wind and to avoid the tide. It worked. For a while. Those leaders zipped back across the channel and headed up the near side of Hog well in the lead and quite pleased with themselves. But the wind gods were not done with them. As the leaders sailed into dead air, and stopped, others quickly came up riding good puffs and snuck by heading up to the finish. It was a wild ending 3 hours later. As the saying goes, “The first shall be last, and…etc”.

And we met at Lou’s for his famous barbecue and a delicious get together.

Some old timers were there…IMG_1458

Bob Catania again won Mr. Hog. Lou (in front) and Bob regard Mr. Hog (center on the table) with suspicion:IMG_1460

Bob Rude chats with the Ides:IMG_1448

Herb Browne holds court:IMG_1449

And so…That’s It, Folks!! Sure was a short summer here in Bristol. By now, many boats are pulled, all wrapped up for the long and chilly winter months. But covers come off around here in 6 months, and we will begin again.

Until then, fair winds to all.

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Enright Wins 2017 Sea Sprite Regatta

Jonathan Enright racing Goodwill won the 2017 Sea Sprite this past summer in closely contested racing at Bristol YC in RI on July 16th. He and Bob Catani tied after 2 races, each garnering a first and a second. Jon was declared the winner per the tie-breaking rules of the Racing Rules Of Sailing. We had a record 14 boats racing outside of Bristol Harbor.

I know it is a bit late to post such old news, but there was a protest that took the rest of the summer to resolve. Plus it is a fun story. Plus I knew everyone would like the pictures.

The Bristol YC did an outstanding job of setting a W-L course. The day began with a postponement due to light winds. “Mill about smartly” became the momentary order of the day:

IMG_1359 (1)

But within 1/2 hour the afternoon sea breeze kicked in, and we started the first race.

regatta start

The rounding at the first mark got jammed up:


And the sailing continued close for both races.

Here are the final standings:
BOAT                               SKIPPER                  RACE1               RACE2                TOTAL
Goodwill                        Jon Enright                 2                        1                         3

Bramasole                     Bob Catani                1                        2                         3

Grayling                          William Beebe          4                        5                         9

Hope                                Lou Marino              6                        4                         10

Apsaras                           Bob Rude                 5                        6                          11

Lulabelle                         Carter Hall               3                        8                           11

Belligerence                    John Pagnoni          9                        3                           12

New Hope                       Dom Messerli         8                        7                           15

Zara                                 Chuck Roscoe          7                        9                           16

Elf                                     Cameron Brule       11                       10                         21

Phox                                Evan Ide                    13                       11                        24

Kittiwake                         Jonathan Medeiros 14                       12                        26

Artemis                           Ruth Souto                10                      DNS                     26

Pod                                  Annie Kelly                12                      DNF                     28


We had 3 SS23’s from the Sailing School at the Herreshoff Marine Museum crewed by their instructor staff  racing this year.  They had a great time, and were competitive despite racing in boats that were not really rigged for racing.

Food and drinks on the porch at Bristol YC after the racing was enjoyed by all.

It was a great day!!



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Parts Needed For SS23’s In Herreshoff Sailing School Fleet

Dockside at the Herreshoff

Dockside at the Herreshoff

I hope you are thinking of cover removal, varnish, and bottom paint these days. There is, truly, a whiff of Spring in the air (maybe it is the odor of the varnish).

This post is a request for spare parts. The Herresmhoff Marine Museum in Bristol runs a great sailing program. They own a fleet of Herresmhoff 12 1/2’s, and are expanding to include added bigger boats as the school grows to include more advanced sailors, older folks, and even rentals for the day. To that end, last year they accepted in donations three SS23’s to add to their growing boat inventory.

As you know, our boats are older craft, and often in need of repair. Kirk Cusic, Director of the Herresmhoff sailing program, has recently inventoried the donated boats and found the following immediate needs:

Bow chock needs to be replaced as well as the wooden support it mounts to.
Roller furler’s drum is broken and needs to be replaced by itself or replaced with a regular head stay.
Jib car track is broken and needs to be replaced.
Usable sails.
Running rigging, lines of any sort.
Small anchors.

The Sea Sprite Association Board of Directors meet 3 weeks ago, and authorized an effort to assist Kirk in maintaining their fleet of SS23. We offered the Herresmhoff Marine Museum the following:


Outreach to SS23 sailors across the country via a website posting for used parts. Kirk’s immediate needs are listed above. In addition, anyone having a box of old
blocks/winches/shackles, old lines, standing rigging, sails, special racing gear, or anything else used over the years and no longer needed are encouraged to drop such items off at the Museum or mail them to Kirk at the Museum.

A Contribution of $350 this year to be used for maintenance of the SS23’s in the Museum’s sailing school fleet after donations are received and inventoried.


Remember, your donations will be made to the Herresmhoff Marine Museum, a non-profit organization, and are tax deductible. To coordinate a donation or to ask questions , please contact Kirk either by email at k.cusic@herreshoff.org or by phone at (401) 253-5000.

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Ms Lynne G in Good Old Boat

Good Old Boat featured Ms Lynne G and her owners Joel and Lynne Schuman in its March, 2016 magazine. It is a great story. As you might remember, her rehab is carefully documented by Tim Lacky, from Maine, who did the restoration. Bill Jacobs has written a fine article, and he and Good Old Boat have generously given us permission to post his work on our website.

Click on the link below to bring up the article.


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Tim Lackey Restorations

As part of my winter project to post descriptions of rehabs for reference by Sea Sprite owners, here are 2 more recent major SS23 restorations done by Tim Lackey in Whitfield, Maine. They are Ms Lynn G, owned by Joel Schuman of Eagle Harbor, Wisconsin, and Aventura, owned by Peter Krause of MacMahan Island, Maine. Tim does fine work, and posts terrific documentation of the entire project.

His site is Lackey Sailing. From his home page click on Projects Log to get to links for Ms Lynn G and for Aventura. Alternatively you can get to the project documentation for each boat from the Restorations category on the right-hand menu on the home page of the Sea Sprite Association website.




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Heritage Restoration

Many of you know the work done by Chance Smith on Heritage, his SS23, from his postings on our Forum. Chance’s work is meticulous, and his documentation is beautiful. He believes we are all stewards of our boats. It shows in his work.

Chance posted many posts on our Forum for several years.  You can reference them by going to the SS23 Forum, and typing “Heritage” into the Search box at the top right-hand location. You can get to this site as well by clicking here: Search SS23 Forum link Unfortunately, due to Photobucket’s recent decision to eliminate 3rd party hosting, the pictures associated with those posts are not available. We are working to resolve this problem.

However, Chance did write several posts for a forum on the Pearson-Ariel website describing his work on through-hulls, cockpit drains, brass portholes, and the cabin sole. Click on the following link to get to his postings on their site:

Heritage Posting On Pearson-Aerial Site

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Norm Grant SS23 Photos

Norm Grant is a Rhode Island based photographer who among other subjects has taken some gorgeous pictures of sailboat racing on Narragansett Bay. He has been a photographer for 30 years, currently producing video for the Community College of Rhode Island and shooting freelance photo and video assignments. He welcomes inquiries for event photography, documentaries, or corporate videos, and can be reached through his website at http:////normangrant.zenfolio.com


He has kindly lent our website numerous photos of Sea Sprite 23’s sailing in local races in the upper Narragansett Bay. The images below are from Bristol YC races in 2010 and 2013 as well as from the Mount Hope Sailing Association races in 2013 and the Herreshoff Regatta from 2010. You will also see a few of them cropped and used as web site headers. If you use any of these pictures from our site, please give him appropriate credit. If you would like prints, they can be ordered from his website.


By the way, if you would like to while away some time in the cold (or even warm) weather season, go to his website and scroll through his galleries. He has some spectacular shoots of PHRF yachts and big boat Herreshoff classics racing in the Upper Narraganset Bay.


SEA SPRITE RACING PICTURES FROM NORM GRANT. Single click on photo for full size screen.



Bob Rude and crew racing in MOHOSA 2013

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